Nature's Authentic Sweetener - Pure Stevia Extract Leaf Powder (1.0 oz)

    Pure Stevia Extract Leaf Powder (1.0 oz) - Nature's Authentic Sweetener

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    Dive into the world of natural sweetness with BSL BSweetBNatural's Pure Stevia Extract Leaf Powder. Crafted through a unique purification process devoid of alcohols or enzymes, our Stevia extract stands out with its smooth taste, free from the typical bitter aftertaste. Sourced with utmost care, our Stevia is free from pesticides and heavy metals, ensuring you get nothing but nature's purest. With just one ingredient - the Stevia Leaf Extract - this product is a testament to purity and quality.

    Key Features:

    • Authentic Sweetness: Our unique purification process ensures a smooth taste, eliminating the bitter aftertaste commonly associated with Stevia.
    • Certified Excellence: Women-owned, Kosher certified, and suitable for Keto & Vegan diets. Non-GMO for a genuine natural experience.
    • Purity at its Best: Sourced meticulously, our Stevia is free from pesticides, heavy metals, and any artificial additives.
    • Simple Ingredients: Made solely from Stevia Leaf Extract, purified and extracted in water. Zero net carbs, sugar-free, calorie-free, and gluten-free.
    • Economical & Efficient: Comes with a dosing scoop to ensure the right serving. One container can replace over 1,000 teaspoons of sugar. A tiny scoop is all you need for the sweetness equivalent to around 7 grams of sugar.

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