At Blooming Sweet Life, we have the capacity of partnering with you to develop custom products with no sugar at all, or less sugar using blends with natural sweeteners.

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🌱 Are you interested in reducing the sugar in your product?

🌱 Do you want to have a zero sugar product with the same flavor?

🌱 Would you need to buy stevia in bulks?

🌱 Need a stevia product formulated specially for your own needs?

We have the capacity of partnering with you to develop custom products using our natural sweeteners.
We can make specific blends with several types of sweeteners, natural or not. We take care of the necessary tests so we don’t impact the original formula of the product.
We manage a portfolio of natural products formulated especially for the reduction of sugar and calories, always keeping in mind the health and well-being of consumers. We offer solutions with the expertise and advice needed to be part of the development of healthier products.
Our commitment is to take healthy sweetener further lengths leading to better health outcomes, with more emphasis on quality and nutritional profiles without betraying the clients' expectations.
Increase sugar substitution which implies reduction of calorific value in manufactured products.
Knowing your project, understanding your requirements and listening to your goal of sweetness, we offer you a wide portfolio of products for your needs, but if it does not exist, we develop it to fit perfectly into your process or product. Offering you our capacity to formulate distinctive composition for your specific sweetness profile.
Our company can help you to provide solutions for small and medium size businesses and help them grow; and at the same time, to be a reliable and high – quality supply chain for big companies that follow health trends in order to improve quality of life and make a positive impact in society.
We are with you in every step, giving our technical advice at all times to ensure your confidence in our criteria and recommend you the best.