Nature's Sweetest Gift - Pure Stevia Extract Leaf Powder (0.6 oz)

    Pure Stevia Extract Leaf Powder (0.6 oz) - Nature's Sweetest Gift

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    Discover the authentic sweetness of nature with BSL BSweetBNatural's Pure Stevia Extract Leaf Powder. Derived exclusively from the Stevia Leaf, our extract is a testament to purity, processed using a water-based method without the interference of alcohol, enzymes, or other additives. Sourced from the rich terrains of South and North America, our Stevia Leaf Extract is a beacon of natural sweetness, free from calories and harmful solvents. Dive into a world where sweetness doesn't compromise health.

    Key Features:

    • Purely Natural: Made with a single ingredient - Stevia Leaf. No maltodextrin, dextrose, natural flavors, or other additives.
    • Trustworthy Quality: Kosher Certified, Non-GMO, and suitable for Keto & Vegan diets.
    • Economical: One container can replace over 1,000 teaspoons of sugar, ensuring you get value for your money.
    • Diabetic-Friendly: With a Zero Glycemic Index, it's the perfect sugar substitute for those monitoring their sugar intake.
    • Baking Buddy: A natural sweetener that's ideal for all your baking needs, from mugcakes to cookies.
    • Potent Sweetness: A tiny scoop can replace around 7g of sugar, making it a potent sweetener for all your culinary endeavors.

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