Stevia Story

All of the healthy
qualities - none of the bad stuff!

Stevia extract is obtained through a unique, 100% natural process of purification. No alcohol or enzymes are used. That’s why our stevia doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that some consumers have associated with stevia sweeteners on the market. People who have tried our stevia extract have commented that it fits well with what they are looking for: a natural product that tastes great and is a healthy sweetener alternative. Stevia has been approved by the RSA, FDA and JECFA.

Our stevia is among the most natural products on the market for a variety of reasons. The aforementioned natural extraction and purification process is one such reason. Another is that our stevia maintains all the original glycosides of the plant. Why is this so important? Many of the stevia producers in the market today have focused on producing some of the glycosides (Reb A, Reb M) using chemical or enzymatic processes. This can affect the sweetness level and is also the source of bitterness or aftertaste with which stevia is associated by many consumers. By keeping our stevia extract natural and free of the bad stuff, we’re bringing you a pure & natural product that tastes great!


Why choose our stevia extract as your sweetener alternative?

  • The sweetness of the Stevia is obtained in a 100% Natural process of extraction and purification only in water
  • NO coloring
  • NO water preservatives
  • NO synthetic ingredients
  • NO GMO’s
  • NO bad stuff!

Our stevia suppliers maintain the highest standards in their care and selection of the stevia plant, with zero use of pesticides or heavy metals, and with a strict tracking policy to ensure that the harvesting process does not interfere with the natural characteristics of the stevia plant.


How many scoops of stevia does your beverage need?

It's very important to clarify that it depends on each customer taste.

As we always say #verysweetneedsverylittle, Our Stevia is perfect to substitute the sweetens of the sugar but zero calories.

Note: It doesn’t replace the sugar but its sweetness.









Matcha Tea


Hot Chocolate



Some of the Health
Benefits of Stevia

Doesn’t affect intestinal flora or insulin mechanisms

Has no effect on pancreas-insulin ratio

Beneficial for people with diabetes or hypertension

Contains antioxidant properties

Helps decrease uric acid levels

1 (JAFS: Gardana et al, 2003)

2 (Nature, 2017)

3 (Division of Cardiovascular Medicine Medical University of Taipei, Taiwan)


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Satisfy your sweet tooth

Vegan Pumpkin Cake 

Preheat the oven to 360 F In a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients In the blender or processor, place the pumpkin puree, milk, oil, apple cider vinegar...

Lemons & Yogurt Marquise

In a bowl, we mix the yogurt, the whipped cream, the Stevia well, add the lemon juice, the hydrated gelatin and the zest of a lemon and reserve the...

Coconut Chia and Almond Pie Crust

Mix dry ingredients with melted butter. Add 1 egg and knead until we can form a ball. We place the dough in a pie mold with our hands. Pre-bake...



Why choose our CHIA SEEDS?

All-Natural Ingredient: Unlike other chia seeds bulk on the market, ours is 100% natural and organic. That means no added sugar, sodium, gluten, or GMOs. These chia seeds contain zero trans fats for a better diet.

Ideal for Any Diet: Our Organic Chia Seeds are great for all sorts of diets, including Keto, paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian. They are a great source of fiber and protein and can be used for making vegan egg substitutes.

During the packing process, we used small batches so to obtain the most freshness of our Chia Seeds.


Packed with Nutrients: The organic chia seeds Non GMO certified are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, iron and antioxidants that help cells fight free radicals and oxidative stress. They are easy to digest and have hydrophilic properties.

For a Balanced Lifestyle: Add more fiber in your diet with the BSL Bsweetbnatural gluten free chia seeds! This nutrient-dense super-food is super easy to prepare and very filling, so you can enjoy a more balanced and healthy diet.

Made into Delicious Meals: Sprinkle our chia seeds for weight loss over your oatmeal, salad, smoothie, yogurt, or prepare chia pudding for a satisfying snack. Natural chia seeds are tasteless but packed with many nutrients that will keep you full for many hours.