Bulk All Purpose Monk Fruit Sweetener with Allulose (24 lb) - Perfect 1:1 Sugar Substitute

    All Purpose Monk Fruit Sweetener with Allulose (24 lb) - 1:1 Sugar Replacement

    $146.59 $169.00

    Introducing our Monk Fruit Sweetener with Allulose - the perfect solution for those seeking a 1:1 granulated sugar replacement. Weighing in at 24 lb, this sweetener is not only ideal for cooking and baking but is also Zero Calorie, Keto & Vegan Friendly, and Non GMO.

    Our unique blend combines the power of Monk Fruit, Allulose, and Erythritol, offering a health-conscious alternative without compromising taste. Whether you're looking to craft delicious desserts or simply reduce sugar and carb content in your everyday recipes, our sweetener is the choice to make.

    Key Features:

    • Versatile Applications: From bars to baked goods, our blend seamlessly adapts to a variety of manufacturing needs.
    • True 1:1 Substitute: Ensure consistent sweetness across your treats without compromising taste or texture.
    • Diabetic-Friendly: Cater to customers with dietary restrictions by using our blend to craft delectable desserts suitable for their needs.

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